How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Revive Sleepy Skin:
The quickest and easiest way to hit the refresh button for your skin is free. Just splash cold water on your face. Coolness constricts the blood vessels giving your complexion that smoother, more toned look.
Seal the Deal:
After the cold water trick, slather on a thick moisturizer to help lock the water into your skin. With a quality face balm, any dryness or flakiness will disappear, and wrinkles will be less obvious.
Remember to Stretch:
For even more lush, curled lashes, apply two coats of a lengthening mascara. Add a little more in the center above each eyeball for even-looking lashes.
Blush Brightly:
Blush does wonders for your complexion, and along with mascara will always be one of my essential products. Surprisingly, peach cream blush beats out pink for a good pick-me-up. The peach tones brighten skin and take the focus away from any dark circles under your eyes. Cream formulas are best because they'll leave a slight dew on cheeks for that youthful, flushed look. Dab color on the apples of your cheeks, and blend well. You can also apply some to lips over balm for a soft hint of color.
Go Lightly:
Heavy foundation or powder will just make dull, sallow skin look worse. Instead, apply your trusty tinted moisturizer (with SPF). It helps even out any blotchiness, but also allows your skin to show through. Apply a second layer or a touch of concealer over any still-apparent dark circles around the eyes.
Give Locks New Life:
Revive those slept-on strands without starting over by misting your roots with a dry shampoo. Then very briefly blast your roots with a blow-dryer on high heat to help loosen up the powder. Finally, you can apply your fave finishing styler to your strands.
Open Wide:
An eyelash curler helps perk up your face in a flash. Aim the curler as close to the lashline as possible and give a good 10-second squeeze. Then go over the outer lashes again.

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