How to find your mascara match

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We talked to celebrity makeup artist Robin Siegel to see what it is women should be looking for in their mascara. See what she had to say about finding the best mascara — from the formula to brush shape to application tips.

On the brush shape:
While everyone has different preferences, Siegel’s favorite option is a thin brush with stiff teeth. “It makes it easier to separate the lashes and get to the inner and outer corners.”
On the application:
When applying mascara to the top lashes, Siegel suggests using a wiggle technique, starting at the root. “You wiggle up and out.” This technique is not repeated on the bottom lashes. For the bottom lashes, Siegel likes to use excess mascara she has on the wand and apply it to the bottom line using the top of the brush. 
Siegel suggests that when applying mascara, it’s best to do the bottom lashes before the top. “This way the mascara on top doesn’t transfer while looking up to apply the bottom lashes.”
On the formula:
“I like a mascara to deliver a smooth coat of color to the lashes without smudging or flaking,” Siegel tells us. 
To avoid flaking, mascaras with hydrating elements such as panthenol work as a conditioner on your lashes. As for smudging, look for tubing mascara, which contains acrylic copolymer. While most traditional mascaras are oil and wax based, tubing mascaras are water based and the formula binds together to create a film over your lashes.
On waterproof mascara:
Waterproof mascara can get a bad wrap for being so difficult during the removal process. Siegel doesn’t necessarily dismiss waterproof formulas, though. “It’s good to use for weddings or in the case of eye shapes that tend to smudge.”

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