7 Tips for Healthy & Glowing Skin

Monday, October 13, 2014

I’ve assembled a few new beauty tips–mixed with the old faithful advice dispensed by our mothers and grandmothers–to maximize your skin’s potential and add a healthy glow.

Wear some pearls to get glowing skin:
Certain shades of pearls, preferably pink and creamy beige, help to cast a beautiful glow upon skin. You don’t need to splurge on a luxurious set of Mikimoto pearls; costume jewelry can aid glowing skin too.
Let your skin breathe after a full day of makeup:
Our mothers always warned us to remove our face paint before going to bed. Cleanse your face thoroughly with soap and water, before hitting the sack. Who knew that your skin starts to heal and repair itself around 10 p.m. Mother knows best.
Use collagen to fight free-radical damage to skin:
The sun provides exposure to free radicals that break down collagen in skin. To counteract damage apply gels and creams infused with collagen, peptides and retinol to restore your skin’s healthy glow.
Moisturize religiously and wear sunscreen every day:
Find a moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 15 or higher and apply it liberally to your skin. You’re never too young to wear night cream, start slathering on your favorite skin cream to fight dry skin.
Exfoliate. Exfoliate. And Exfoliate some more:
Slough off dry surface cells to reveal the glowing skin hiding below. Try an at-home microdermabrasion kit to remove dead skin. If you are on a beauty budget, a facial scrub found in your local drugstore will work just as well.
Get glowing skin from the inside out:
Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. On your next doctor’s visit, ask for a recommendation for any vitamins and supplements that will expose that natural glow hiding within. Add a dose of exercise every other day to eliminate toxins, increase circulation and get skin glowing.
Fake the glow:
Use tinted moisturizer and bronzer to add a healthy glow to your skin. Use hair color, or a glaze, that will add shine to your face and will reflect light onto your face.

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