Ways to Wear White EyeLiner

Thursday, September 11, 2014

White eye liner: It brighten eyes, makes you appear instantly awake, and switches up your everyday look faster than Rihanna changes her hair cut.

1. Wear white eye liner solo and create a gorgeous cat eye.

Don't be afraid to wear white liner by itself you're a confident beauty-obsessed girl that can totally pull it off! Just trace your upper lid with a white pencil and flick the pencil toward the outer corner of your eye, like you're drawing a check mark. If you're a newbie at creating the winged look, hold a business card at an angle at the outer corner of your eye and use the straight edge of the card as a guide.

2. Double up your liners: first apply a black liquid liner along your upper lash line, and then add a shimmery white pencil over top.

This chic pop of white gives the effect of a shimmery champagne eye shadow, when really it's just a glimmering white pencil. Eye magic, in other words.

3. Line your bottom lid in white, top lid in black.

Create two sixties-inspired cat eyes by first lining your upper lash line in black, and then reaching for a white eye liner to mirror the same shape on the bottom.

4. Trace your entire eye and then draw a straight line right at the outer of your lower lid.

Okay, so this might not be your everyday look, but it's a cool way to wear white eye liner if you're a brave, I'll-try-anything-when-it-comes-to-makeup kind of woman. All you need is a white khol pencil, to pull it off.

5. Wing out your white eye liner and and trace the inner corner of your eye for added oomph.

To recreate this look, trace a white pencil over your upper lid like you would a normal black cat eye — and then extend the line over the inner corner of your eye. Next, smudge the liner over the inner part of your eye with your ring finger (the weakest of all fingers) to give it a more diffused appearance.

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